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Parts & Service
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Parts & service
The Framo AS service organization provides technical support during the installation phase of a project, as well as professional service throughout the lifetime of the installation. Condition based maintenance and correct operation are the best ways of ensuring optimal equipment performance. The Framo service organization is there to support you 24/7.


Framo engineers provide assistance and guidancebefore and during installation of the cargo pumping system at the shipyard. Installation, start-up and testing of the system is carried out under our supervision in close cooperation with the client.

Framo Training

Our training department organizes seminars and tailor-made courses at Framo training facilities in Bergen, Rotterdam, Houston, Singapore, Pusan, Tokyo, Shanghai and at the Norwegian Training Centre in Manila. Framo seminars qualify the participants for a course certificate. The Framo programme also omprises training at site prior to delivery as well as on-board training.

Spare parts

Our main service and repair facilities in Bergen, Rotterdam, Houston and Singapore have spare parts in store to suit all the Framo systems in operation. Our offices in Japan and Korea have selected spare parts available, mainly for the domestic fleets.
Condition based exchange of wear and tear parts reduces your operation cost and ensures that your Framo pumps perform with optimal capacity at all times.

Service and repairs

To safeguard a high system availability, annual inspection, pre-docking inspection and hydraulic oil monitoring program can be provided. Advisory service in connection with system operation, service or repair is available. Framo engineers are available when required.

Service bulletins

Technical updates are distributed to help customers and operators to best utilize the installed Framo Pumping System.
We are available around the clock.
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