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Framo AS (formerly known as Frank Mohn AS) is based in Bergen, Norway, and is the parent company of Framo worldwide. From its beginning in 1938, this company has grown into a worldwide organization with subsidiaries on three continents.

Initially the main activity was the importation of foreign marine equipment to Norway. After World War II, Framo AS began developing and manufacturing its own products such as emergency generator sets for link communication and emergency firefighting pumps.

Framo`s international activities began with the introduction of high pressure hydraulically driven pumps in the early sixties. Framo AS was then among the first in applying hydraulic drive to marine pumps. The hydraulic drive on marine pumps had the advantages of low weight, stepless capacity control and no explosion risk. At first the Framo range consisted of dredge pumps, fish pumps and chemical pumps delivered as portable submersible units.

During the sixties the chemical market expanded and shipping methods changed from handling liquid chemicals in drums to bulk. In close cooperation with ship operators, Framo AS introduced the concept of one fixed installed submerged pump for each cargo tank. This was the start to what in the seventies became the company`s main product, a total cargo handling system for all kind of tankers.

A growing offshore market for high technology equipment made Framo AS enter this field during the seventies. By adopting the latest marine thinking on offshore applications this company has contributed to successful oil field developments in the harsh and severe environment of the North Sea.

Today, Framo AS, with roughly 1200 employees, is a leading manufacturer of submerged pumping system for the shipping and offshore industry.

Acquired by Alfa Laval
In 2014, Framo AS was acquired by Alfa Laval who has long tradition within the marine industry. Alfa Laval serves many different industries and is a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling solutions. With the acquisition of Framo AS, Alfa Laval strengthens its offer in fluid handling.

Framo AS, a part of Alfa Laval Marine and Diesel Division, will maintain the organization and conduct its business as before. Framo AS has become the technology centre for marine pumping systems within the Alfa Laval group.

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