Framo Innovation is based at our headquarters in Askøy outside of Bergen, Norway. We established the Innovation division to discover new areas and markets where our technology and knowledge can be put to use. Here we have gathered a mix of pump technology experts and talented professionals from other industries who bring new thoughts and ideas.

As part of our aquaculture efforts, Framo Innovation has established facilities for prototype testing, simulation systems, modelling tools, 3D printing and VR simulations, as well as an electro lab and a mechanical lab. For Framo, it is critically important that all of our products undergo full-scale testing, and this is equally true for our aquaculture pumping systems. This means you can be confident that your installation will deliver reliable performance from day one. 


Framo Innovation:

  • Framo Innovation was founded in January 2018 with the aim of identifying new markets for solutions based on Framo’s own pump technology.
  • The Innovation Department at Framo Innovation has 15 employees. In total, Framo has approximately 1,300 employees, of which 1,100 work in Norway.
  • Framo has the production of all our products in our own factories in Hordaland, laboratories and full-scale trial standards, in addition to its own dock for system testing.
  • Framo has a worldwide organisation with eight service stations on three different continents.
  • Framo AS is part of the Alfa Laval group, and Bergen is the head office for marine pump systems. Framo AS sells and carries out maintenance of all Framo products.