The Framo advantage

From smart idea to industry ideal

Cargo shipping profits depend on high utilization. Safely and efficiently carrying different types of cargo – on a single voyage or from one voyage to the next – makes all the difference when it comes to maximizing payload. For over half a century and for most of the world’s cargo fleet, Framo pumps have made it possible.

The pump that changed everything

Framo began with an idea, that independent cargo pumps are smarter than a one-for-all pumping system.
That conviction led to the Framo submerged cargo pump, a hydraulically driven pump for each individual tank.

The solution improved cargo handling performance, cut turnaround time, increased ton-miles and decreased the number of voyages in ballast. It revolutionized the way cargo is carried, and fifty years later it’s still the industry standard.

Safe and efficient cargo swapping

Today Framo cargo pumps handle all types of liquid cargo, switching easily between them. A tank first filled with petroleum might next be filled with acid – or perhaps with olive oil or drinking water. The pumps discharge, drain and clean the tanks quickly and thoroughly, making it possible to take on new cargo without contamination or delay.

Protected performance

The reliability of the pumps is only equalled by the reliability of Framo itself. Framo experts are available worldwide and 24/7, and service is dispatched within hours of a call. Without exception, our focus is keeping pumps – and the vessels that depend on them – running smoothly.


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