The Framo advantage

Made to perform

The Framo cargo pump is of a robust construction made to efficiently empty any cargo tank containing the most heavy, viscous or aggressive cargoes. 

The hydralic driveline is designed for a safe and reliable pumping and final stripping of the most volatile or dangerous cargos carried in bulk.

No risks of any build up of heat due to a fail-safe design where the pump motor and bearings are constantly lubricated and cooled by the hydraulic oil driving medium.  

Load any type of cargo

The Framo cargo pump can handle any type of cargo. One voyage it may be a petroleum product, next voyage an acid or something heated/cooled/volatile or viscous. 

Efficient switch between different cargoes

A cargo pumping system must be able to discharge, drain and clean the cargo tanks in an efficient manner to make the vessel ready to receive a new cargo. 

Customer Support

Framo service organization provides technical support during the installation phase of a project, as well as professional service throughout the lifetime of the vessels. Condition based maintenance and correct operation are the best ways of ensuring optimal performance. The Framo service organization is there to support you 24/7.

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Framo Cargo Pumping system

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