Meet us at Aqua Nor 2021
Trondheim, 24- 27 August 2021

Visit our booth A-177 at Aqua Nor and discover Framo's innovative solutions for fish farming.

The future of aquaculture will likely include both closed and semi-closed farms at sea as well as closed farms on land. Pumping incredibly large volumes of water is necessary for each one of these alternatives, and this is where we at Framo can support you.

Did you know that we can help you retrofit existing cages?
Framo AquaStream is designed to help improve fish welfare, increase growth and reduce mortality in fish farming.

For more than 80 years, ships and offshore platforms around the world have trusted Framo pumping technology to meet their extreme demands for performance, reliability, and safety. Framo has now brought this same dependable technology to the aquaculture industry. This can help you ensure maximum uptime and security to safeguard the quality of your salmon farm.

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