Contributing to keep the Framo machinery running

At Framo Fusa, the production rate is as good as ever, thanks to an eager staff who is extra prepared to keep the wheels running during the Corona crisis. The efforts of Framo employees are crucial in keeping the machinery up and running.

- The first thing we did was to change the working hours. We want to reduce the number of people present at the same time, and have extended the use of home office. However, working from home is obviously not possible in the production, so we have introduced shift work. One day-shift and one evening-shift without overlap. This way the employees working different shifts never meet, neither in the production halls nor in the locker room, says Bengt Holme, manager of Framo Fusa.

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Anita Engevik (to the left) works normally Framo Aktiv, while Oda Vallaker is cleaning. At the moment, both are cleaning in the evening.

All employees have had a positive attitude to the changes, and have chosen the working hours that suit their new everyday life best. Many of them have to pay attention to closed schools and kindergartens, as well as other restrictions. In order to reduce the risk of contamination, new cleaning procedures have been set up. Employees disinfect their workplace before leaving work. In addition, the cleaning has been intensified, both more often and more thorough.

- Cleaning is particularly important in these times. Since we closed both the canteen and the Framo Aktiv fitness center, we have chosen to reposition  employees instead of laying them off. The chef is helping renovating in the process plants, while the others are cleaning in the factory. One team has been trained in contamination control cleaning, based on procedures from the occupational health service. They all do a fantastic job, Holme says.

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During the Corona crises, Lena Åsmul is cleaning in the factory instead of working at Framo Aktiv.

In Fusa, Framo Active is closed and all activity has been put on hold.

- It's nice to be able to help and have a job here instead. The alternative would have been to not have a job now, says Lena Åsmul. Lena Åsmul works both as a receptionist and instructor in baby swimming at Framo Aktiv.

She has been there for 17 years. Now she’s helping out in the factory wherever she’s needed.

- It’s good that we can be used where we are needed. I have never been around this place as much as I have now, so it's nice to get to know the big facilities from the inside.

At Fusa, people have been repositioned, without compromising on production quality. Bengt Holme confirms this:

- We have quite a few employees with certificates as skilled workers in other functions in Framo today. Everybody contributes to keep up the pace of production, and former skilled workers have re-entered the production process to help run the machines. For example, service engineers from Framo Services who usually do their work travelling to other locations can now go straight into production here. This means that none of the rearrangements will compromise the Framo quality we always seek to deliver.

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TPM coordinator Borhild Håvik is now working shift in the production.

It is also very important to keep up the good communication with our colleagues working from home.

- The different departments have regular skype meetings to maintain continuity, stay in touch and take care of each other, Holme concludes.

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