Encourages others to donate equipment

In the fight against corona virus, Framo donates 12.000 gloves and several hundreds of masks, safety glasses and disposable suits to the hospital. Framo encourages other companies to do the same. 

Due to the ongoing corona virus outbreak, the Framo factories and workshops have collected equipment in stock useful for health personnel. Framo will donate gloves, safety glasses, dust masks and disposable suits for use in hospitals in the Bergen region.

“Framo is proud that we can assist with equipment during these uncertain circumstances. We encourage other companies and suppliers to do the same”, says Geir Helgesen, Communication Manager in Framo.

Framo is closely monitoring the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID19).

“Our first priority is always safety. We have taken the necessary proactive steps to maintain as much operational continuity as possible,” says Helgesen.

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Framo have expanded the access and capability to work from home when this is possible. At the same time, we need to keep our production running, and we will create more flexible working hours to reduce the risk of getting exposed or infected.

“All our employees are doing a great effort to help during the outbreak of the Covid19 virus. We really have appreciated everybody’s flexibility and collaboration in this difficult period. Now, we see the real Framo Spirit,” says Martijn Bergink, CEO in Framo. 


For more information

Geir Christian Helgesen

Communcation Manager

Phone: +4748040040

E-mail: gh@framo.no