Framo pumps on new Maersk tankers

The amount of cargo piping and valves will be reduced by around 60 percent with Framo Cargo Pumping Systems compared to what would have been required for a conventional pumproom system.

-  These systems will offer improved vessel utilisation, increased cargo volumes, better fuel economy, improved safety and environmental performance and the benefits of an easy to clean segregated system with a reduced risk of cargo contamination, says Thomas Eide, area manager, marine pumping systems.

The Framo Cargo Pumping Systems will bring big benefits to the LR2 product tanker sector. For this new series of LR2 tankers, all the cargo pumps will be submerged inside the tanks, and the ballast pumps located inside the double-sided ballast tank. 

- This system has allowed the ship’s designers to dispense with the need for a pumproom, creating over 1000 m3 of extra cargo space, boosting capacity by around 1.5% compared with a conventional arrangement, says Thomas Eide, area manager, marine pumping systems, says Eide.

The improved cargo handling performance will mean quicker turnaround times in ports, allowing the ships to transport more tonne-miles of cargo every year and make fewer voyages in ballast.

- As there will be no cargo pipes penetrating the bulkheads, and all pipes and valves will be on deck, a much simpler, and less cluttered tank arrangement is permitted. With just one cargo pump per tank, the flush tank top will be easier to clean and to drain, says Eide.