Framo wins Sustainability Award 2020

The mayor of Bergen presented the «Sustainability Award 2020» to Framo. The jury highlights, among other things, building competence as a success factor in Framo's sustainability work.

“This is a traditional industrial company that has undergone a major restructuring and is one step ahead in the green shift. Framo can refer to extensive material recycling, working with green energy and prioritization of clean seas through specific projects”, elaborated mayor Marte Mjøs Persen from the jury's reasoning.

On behalf of Framo, CEO Martijn Bergink, HR Director Anne F. Isachsen and Marketing Manager Geir Helgesen received the Sustainability Award 2020 from the Bergen Business Council and Fana Sparebank.

Sustainability targets

“We are very proud to win the Sustainability Award and delighted to receive recognition for our sustainability work. Together with our owners Alfa Laval, we will be carbon neutral by 2030, and the Sustainability Award is a good motivation in achieving our ambitious sustainability targets”, says Martijn Bergink.

The jury points out in its reasoning that the UN's sustainability goals are central to the company's strategy and plans. Focus and goals are well established, the company shows a proactive attitude and that Framo since the early 2000s has focused on the climate footprint from production.

Prioritizing education

According to the jury, Framo is a responsible and traditional company that plays a special role for its local communities. The Sustainability Award 2020 also includes more aspects than just climate.

The jury has emphasized that Framo has shown a special and lasting ability to contribute to creating sustainable communities by prioritizing educational courses from upper secondary school to master's degree and can boast one of the country's best apprenticeship schemes where there is a special focus on increasing the proportion of women. Contributing strongly to education and gender equality requires a lot from the business community, and the jury thus believes that this year's winner is a pioneering company to inspire others.

“We are both happy and proud that our work with apprentices has been noticed. Today Framo have more than 100 apprentices in the company. Among the apprentices, there is also a higher share of females than in the rest of the industry, and we believe that our investment in apprentices is a good way to increase the share of female workforce and reduce the gender gap”, says HR director Anne F. Isachsen.