Investing in the future

Framo has over 100 apprentices at all times. This is the future skilled workers. At the moment we are recruting new ones to all our sites in Norway.

Currently one can watch videos, pictures and information about being an apprentice in Framo on Facebook, cinema advertising, Youtube and on web sites.

In Framo, we look at recruiting young people and training them as skilled workers as an investment in the future. And at the moment we are making a great effort to reach the youth to give them the opportunity.

For example, Instagram has become a great channel for showing everyday life to apprentices in Frao.

Young, female role models from Framo told this week about the exciting opportunities in the industry for a packed auditorium with young girls who are to choose education.

Framo has its own training program for apprentices, where they receive guidance and their own training manager. After they have obtained the certificate, some also choose to continue their studies.

- Talented  engineers with manual skills and who know both the company and our products are a huge asset, says HR Director Anne F. Isachsen.