Keeping up the Framo Spirit

Framo is really proud of all our employees; really showing the unique "Framo spirit". - Cooperative and adjustable in very challenging times.

"All our employees are doing a great effort to help during the outbreak of the COVID19 virus. We really appreciate everybody's flexibility and collaboration in this difficult period. Now, we see the real Framo Spirit!", says Martijn Bergink, CEO in Framo.

In Framo, safety is always priority number one, and our aim is always to provide the best service and the highest quality. With the effort from all our employees we will continue to do that in a safe and healthy way.

As a company, we are doing the utmost to protect employees and customers by minimizing the spread of virus.

Framo have expanded the access and capability to work from home when this is possible. At the same time, we need to keep our production running, and we have created more flexible working hours to reduce the risk of getting exposed or infected.

In the fight against corona virus, the Framo factories and workshops have also collected equipment in stock useful for health personnel. The company has donated gloves, safety glasses, dust masks and disposable suits to hospitals in the Bergen region and encourages other companies to do the same.