Meet in the cloud for FAT

Currently, it is difficult for customers and suppliers to meet in person. A good alternative is to meet on Skype to run factory acceptance test (FAT).

Framo Services has done several factory acceptance tests from the workshop in Florvåg along with customers on Skype, after the Corona epidemic broke out.

- Although we use Skype, we go through the FAT-procedures as usual. The test setup should include the entire delivery, so we move the camera as we demonstrate the different parts of the process, says project engineer Remi Schive from Framo Services.

The article continues below the photo:

The customers can monitor all the test in one shared screen. Photo: Screenshot from Skype

Engineers from the service department have created their own camera tripod to reach higher and get closer to the parts they control. In advance, the project engineers have set up several cameras and customers have received the documentation. It is important to have two-way communication throughout the test procedure.

- We go through all the tags and customers can ask questions along the way, so we have a good dialogue throughout the factory test, says Schive.

The response from the customers has been very positive. They see this as a solution that in the long run can save both time and travel costs.


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