Monitoring pumps from home office

Regardless of the Corona outbreak, project engineers from Framo can monitor the condition of the seawater lift pumps at the Aker BP-operated platforms from home.

Due to the digital collaboration with the oil company, Framo engineers have control - without having to visit the platform in the North Sea. Instead, we use live data, machine learning and algorithms. The ongoing situation emphasizes the need to rethink and explore the possibilities for remote monitoring.

Aker BP and Framo started a digital pilot work within digitalization and predictive maintenance already two years ago. Since the digital pilot work started, large volumes of data have been sent back to the mainland.

«With the release of these data flows, Framo has been able to predict the condition of equipment, foresee what will happen with the pumps in the future, and in turn plan effective maintenance. Regardless of Corona, we have the same flow of information and access to live data whether we are at home, at Framo or on the platform. We have control over all parameters”, says Hans Christian Søraas, project engineer in Framo Services AS.

In March, the companies entered a new smart contract for the next six years, with an option for an additional six years. In weekly Skype meetings between Framo and Aker BP, the digital collaboration is continuously developed.

“Going forward, algorithms and sensor data helps us to increase uptime, reduce unplanned maintenance and be better prepared for necessary overhaul on the seawater lift pumps. The need to visit the platforms to inspect the condition of the pumps is reduced”, says Søraas.

”We even have access to monitor the condition from our mobile»

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3/27/2020 1:29:49 PM