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Sometimes very sensitive liquids are loaded on ships. Luckily, Framo pumps have the ability to pump any type of liquid cargo, no matter how delicate or viscous.

At one of the large storage facilities in Rotterdam, rental of a “kosher” pump system with our special food grade was accepted to load 900 MT of kosher coconut oil. 

“No job is exactly the same, but we benefit from our accumulated experience. Additionally, our operation specialists ensure safe and efficient operation on site, thanks to their knowledge of the equipment, says Paul van den Bergh, Managing Director in Framo Nederland.

For the loading of the kosher coconut oil, it was not allowed to pump with a diesel hydraulic power-pack on “standard” hydraulic oil. Instead Framo used a diesel hydraulic power-pack operating with Food grade USDA 1 / NSF approved hydraulic fluid.

“We had to put one of our specials at work here. From our range of Framo portable pumps, we selected the optimal pump solution for the customer needs. We can’t accept the loading of coconut oil being contaminated”, says Paul van den Bergh.

Framo strategically stores a wide range of portable pumps, hydraulic power packs and auxiliary equipment at the companies different service stations around the world. All equipment can be mobilized at the shortest possible notice for local or remote jobs.

“Whether you have a small project on a terminal or a large salvage project, our goal is to provide the best way to transfer the liquid, including optimal pumps, hydraulic power packs, hydraulic hoses, inert gas and cargo heaters.”

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