Production start at Aasta Hansteen

The Aasta Hansteen platform have installed the longest submerged hydraulic driven cargo pumps Framo have delivered to date.

The Aasta Hansteen field associated produced condensate will be stored in hull tanks, with total storage volume of approximately 25.000 m3. 

Each condensate tank will be served by 79 meter long Framo submerged hydraulic driven cargo pumps for offloading to shuttle tankers.

On 16 December Equinor and its partners started production from the Aasta Hansteen gas field in the Norwegian Sea.

Equinor reports that the gas from the Aasta Hansteen field is now available to the market for the first time, from the largest spar platform in the world. 

“Aasta Hansteen is a pioneer! Located in 1 300 metres of water, this is the deepest field development on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS), the largest spar platform in the world, and a first on the NCS. The field now coming on stream is unique,” says Anders Opedal, Equinor’s executive vice president for Technology, Projects and Drilling in a press release from Equinor.

Aasta Hansteen is located 300 kilometres west of Sandnessjøen, far from other fields and in an area with harsh weather conditions.

Photo: Equinor/Roar Lindefjeld and Bo B. 



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