Framo expands the availability of rental equipment

- We have now portable pumping systems available in Dubai on rental basis, in addition to all our other locations around the world, says Hubertus Otten, Service Manager in Framo Middle East.

From providing Framo equipment to handle any pumping challenge from Norway, Rotterdam, Houston, Korea and Singapore, the company expands its offering of rental solutions in Dubai.

Direct access to necessary equipment
- Sailing vessels get direct access to necessary equipment in a new area for emergency pumping operation, this being cargo operations, ballast shifting, bunkering or de-slopping in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman area, says Hubertus Otten in Framo Middle East.

- Dubai is an important shipping hub, where it is natural to offer quality pumping equipment at competitive prices due to local availability.

Based on Framo marine history and experience gathered on numerous routine and specialized pumping operations, Framo rental department has built over the years an equipment fleet which can be used for virtually every pump challenge, either routine or specialized.

- We can provide our customers with a tailored pumping solution. Framo can assist with pumping equipment and experts to salvage offloading and emergency offloading, difficult cargo assistance, debunkering, tank cleaning and sludge pumping.

Assist in operations
With decades of pumping experience, Framo can also assist in operations connected to booster pumping, terminal storage tank assistance and frozen liquid tank heating.

Today, Framo supplies cargo pumping systems to the majority of the sailing product and chemical tankers. The company also delivers a wide range of portable pumping equipment, oil spill and remote offloading equipment to both the marine and offshore industry. 

- Framo rental pumping equipment can be used as standalone sets, on-shore and offshore for virtually any pumping challenge. We have deployed our equipment for Chemical plants, refinery’s, tank storage facilities, sea going tankers, inland barges, rail-cars and even trucks, says Otten.  

Rent an expert
The Framo portable pumps is hydraulic driven and the pumps have large discharge capacity. The application using diesel engine driven hydraulic power packs can be used on any type of vessel, with Framo system or not.

- Do not just rent pumping equipment. Rent an expert, concludes Otten.

Framo Middle East

Hubertus Otten

Phone: +971 4 346 9143