Every year, Framo's training department leads over 130 courses with more than 1200 participants.

Our instructors are highly knowledgeable professionals that have real-world experience.

Framo Training Department


Gaute Flatøy                 Inge F. Hermansen       Martin Pedersen 


Atle Vetaas                     Hjalmar Engum          Mona S. Mostrøm

Framo Training Courses are run regurlarly all year round and to the best of our knowledge to the benefit of our customer.


Framo training team arranges courses at:

  • Framo Training Center, Bergen, Norway
  • Framo offices world wide: Houston, Rotterdam, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Dubai and China
  • On board training - Framo instructors riding the ship for 3 - 5 days
  • The yard/ in your office / job location - world wide



Join Framo Training Courses

Phone: + 47 55 99 92 00

E-mail: trainingcourse@framo.no