Oil spill recovery

Recovering oil where it matters most

The offshore environment is as sensitive as it is unpredictable. In the disastrous event of an oil spill, the oil
must be removed quickly and thoroughly – no matter how harsh the prevailing conditions. The Framo TransRec system makes sure that it happens.

The Framo TransRec system

With a diverse range of skimmers, the Framo Transrec system is designed to handle any oil spill, whether it occurs in the process of oil production or as the result of a vessel-related incident.

Regardless of the offshore environment or the characteristics of the oil, our recovery and transfer system provides the capabilities you need to recover more oil when time is not on your side.


The Framo Weir skimmer

The high capacity Weir skimmer head is designed to recover large quantities of oil with viscosities up to
15,000 cSt.


The Framo HiVisc skimmer

The HiVisc skimmer is specially developed to recover large quantities of high viscosity oil, such as oil with
very high API grade, waxy oil or emulsified oil.


The Framo Polaris skimmer

The Polaris skimmer makes it possible to recover low-to-medium viscous oil in the Arctic,
where icy conditions can pose a challenge.




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