The Framo advantage

Designed with reality in mind

Real challenges demand real solutions. The reality offshore is that each day is different, and the ability to adapt means everything.

Framo began with an idea, that a pump should be where the action is. In cargo handling, it means submerging an independent pump in each tank, where it enables fast and easy switching between different types of cargo. In other situations, it means placing the pump on the front line – at an anchor point, on a disabled vessel or amidst an oil spill – where it can do its job most effectively.

Based on over half a century of experience, Framo pumping systems are ready for whatever comes. Designed, built and full-scale tested in Norway, they combine flexibility with unbeatable reliability. On OSVs and beyond, all of our pumps offer the Framo advantage.

Discover true versatility

The letters OSV mean more today than ever before. Offshore supply vessels are now offshore support vessels, engaged in a far wider range of operations.

For an OSV, Framo pump technology means big advantages. It allows the OSV to use its tanks for more than just mud, or to take part in the work of installing both platforms and wind farms. Just as they revolutionized tankers, our cargo pumping systems now let OSVs carry all types of liquid cargo - and greatly increase their profits.

For the environment, Framo pump technology means protection. Framo systems can be used for emergency offloading above or below the surface. And perhaps the most critical systems are those that recover oil whenever the unthinkable happens. Not only do Framo systems enable rapid response to oil spills, they also provide ways to avert disaster before it happens.

Total peace of mind

The reliability of Framo pumps and equipment is only equalled by the reliability of Framo itself. Framo experts are available worldwide and 24/7, and service is dispatched within hours of a call. Without exception, our focus is keeping pumps and related equipment – and the vessels that depend on them – running smoothly.



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