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Welcome to the home page of Frank Mohn AS, the manufacturer of Framo pumps
Through a continuous and helpful dialogue with our customers and by unremitting product development and research - we are prepared to serve.
Framo hydraulically driven submerged cargo pumps handles any type of liquid cargo, with an efficiency that saves time.
Framo Oil & Gas pumping system offers you unconditional performance whether offshore, onshore or underground.
Designed to recover any oil at any condition, day and night.
Framo personnel are stand-by to support and serve you 24/7.
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Meet representatives from Oil & Gas Pumping, Marine Pumping, Oil Recovery Systems
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Meet representatives from Marine Pumping
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Representative: Oil & Gas Pumping and Oil Recovery Systems
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Meet representatives from Marine Pumping

An agreement has been signed where Alfa Laval acquires Frank Mohn AS with the product brand Framo.

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