Rental services

Rent an expert

Framo offers rental services worldwide. Our combination of self-developed systems, engineered planning capability, worldwide availability and 40 years of daily experience is why we say that you can rent an expert.

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Framo has capabilities to perform services for countless applications that need pumping assistance – on vessels onshore and offshore.

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All types of cargo

With expert personnel and specialised equipment in strategic locations around the world, Framo can handle a wide range of pumping operations, and we have recovered cargos written off as lost by customers.

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Complete systems for hire

Every single day, Framo provides portable systems for operations requiring proven equipment and highly trained personnel. That’s why our complete pumping solutions are engineered specifically for the job at hand.

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Offloading sunken vessels

A shipwreck poses an imminent risk of an oil spill, whether laying on a reef or settled at the bottom of the sea. Framo possesses the ultimate tool for recovery of oil and other chemicals from sunken wrecks.

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