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Safe, efficient and reliable pumping systems.

For over half a century, our world-leading pump technology has revolutionized marine cargo pumping. Framo has supplied cargo pumping systems to the majority of chemical and product tankers worldwide, and are recognized as a standard in the marine industry. We are also driving greater short-term and long-term profitability in hundreds of oil and gas installations worldwide.
Our strong customer focus, unique pumping concepts, high-quality engineering and dedicated service ensures overall performance in challenging pumping operations.

The Framo advantage

We see our products through from design to full scale testing at our own production facilities outside Bergen, Norway. Full worldwide support throughout the service life of the products - no matter the problem.

Our strong customer focus has resulted in pumping systems developed in close collaboration with our customers, with the aim to enhance safe, efficient and reliable pumping operations.

Lean More

Helping customers go green

29 September

Her legges grunnlaget for et godt arbeidsmiljø

05 September

Hver høst er Framo like spent som ungdommene i de nye lærlingkullene, som skal bli en del av Framo-gjengen. Å bygge lag, er viktig for et godt miljø på arbeidsplassen.

More a lifestyle than a job

22 August

More than 50 service engineers travel from Bergen to locations around the world, with the Framo logo on their back and the customer in focus.

Taking precision to new heights

25 July

The new pipe stack machine at Framo Fusa takes automation and precision to a new level.

Nine simple rules to prevent loss of life

21 July

Framo is committed to health, safety and quality assurance. The goal is to stay safe at work every day.

Rio Oil & Gas 2022

26 September - 29 September

Framo is attending Rio Oil & Gas 2022 in Rio de Janeiro. Visit us to speak with our industry experts to learn more about how your operation can discover the Framo advantage. 


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