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Safe, efficient and reliable pumping systems.

For over half a century, our world-leading pump technology has revolutionized marine cargo pumping. Framo has supplied cargo pumping systems to the majority of chemical and product tankers worldwide, and are recognized as a standard in the marine industry. We are also driving greater short-term and long-term profitability in hundreds of oil and gas installations worldwide.
Our strong customer focus, unique pumping concepts, high-quality engineering and dedicated service ensures overall performance in challenging pumping operations.

The Framo advantage

We see our products through from design to full scale testing at our own production facilities outside Bergen, Norway. Full worldwide support throughout the service life of the products - no matter the problem.

Our strong customer focus has resulted in pumping systems developed in close collaboration with our customers, with the aim to enhance safe, efficient and reliable pumping operations.

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Monitoring pumps from home office

27 March

Regardless of the Corona outbreak, project engineers from Framo can monitor the condition of the seawater pumps at the Aker BP-operated platforms from home.

Sailing into the future

27 March

Framo celebrates that it is 45 years since the company set up business in the Netherlands.

Framo offers tailor-made oil skimmer

25 March

Framo has introduced a new cost-effective and customizable oil skimmer offering based on its well-proven TransRec platform.

Pumping solutions for sticky situations

24 March

Framo have entered long term agreements for discharge assistance with offloading and stripping sugar cane Molasses.

Keeping up the Framo Spirit

21 March

Framo is really proud of our employees; really showing the Framo spirit. Flexible and adjustable in very challenging times.

OTC 2020, Houston

04 May - 07 May

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is where the world’s energy professionals meet to exchange ideas and opinions.

Aqkva Konferansen 2020, Bergen

16 January - 16 January

Norges største havbrukskonferanse.

Sea Japan 2020, Tokyo

11 March - 13 March

Sea Japan is Japan’s major international exhibition for the maritime industry, held biennially in Tokyo.

Posidonia 2020, Athens

01 June - 05 June

The Posidonia is an international shipping exhibition, which takes place every two years in Athens.

ONS 2020

31 August - 03 September

We look forward to seeing you in Stavanger at ONS 2020. This edition’s main theme is Together. Because what is needed right now, is actions from a united energy industry.

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