Framo Submerged Turbine
Save energy and boost sustainability

Regenerate valuable energy

Turn water from the overboard dump lineinto money with the Framo Submerged Turbine.

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Let Framo’s Offshore team explain the benefits you can expect when you choose Framo Submerged Turbine. 

The simple way to save money and improve sustainability

For the last four decades, the Framo SE pump has built a reputation for robustness and reliability, and is the preferred seawater lift pump for numerous operators.

Due to its unique design features, the Framo SE pump concept is also well-suited to operate as a submerged turbine.

What makes Framo's solution unique is the submerged placement of the turbine which allows for a longer descent of the water and multiplies the energy regained.

Framo Submerged Turbine – the smart solution to save energy

  • Robust and reliable proven technology with a long track record
  • Simple and easy installation
  • No control system required
  • Available for new projects and retrofitted on existing facilities in operation

The many benefits 

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased output and revenue
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Reflects positively on your corporate sustainability profile

Power regeneration examples

Unexploited power will depend on available head and flow. Figures below are examples of regenerated power with estimated reduced CO2 emission and cost savings.

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Sigve Gjerstad
Director Offshore Pumping System
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Tor Christian Ibsen
Sales Manager Offshore 
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Stephen Kålås
Area sales manager Offshore 
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Eirik Solhaug
Area sales manager Offshore 
Phone : +47 55 99 90 75
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Framo Submerged Turbine brochure

Framo Submerged Turbine brochure

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Award-winning technology

Award-winning technology

Framo’s Submerged Turbine has been recognized with Spotlight on New Technology award.

Framo SE seawater lift pump

Framo SE seawater lift pump

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Seawater Lift Pumps Proof Book

Seawater Lift Pumps Proof Book

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Seawater Lift Pumps Product brochure

Seawater Lift Pumps Product brochure

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