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LiftUP becomes a part of Framo Aquaculture solutions

Equipment supplier LiftUP has become part of leading pump manufacturer Framo, strengthening the company's focus on sustainable aquaculture.

Framo Innovation: where the future is born

Framo Innovation develops new solutions and markets for the pump technology. In our technology center, we have model testing for fish farming solutions.

Framo LiftUP sludge collecting solutions

Focusing on sustainable salmon product for the future

The system is designed to pump waste with a LiftUP Combi collector through an automated system back to the barge for filtration, to avoid accumulation on the seabed. The concentrated waste is stored in tanks and then shipped to a biogas plant. Here, it is converted into renewable energy, and a high-absorption agricultural liquid fertiliser product.
The LiftUP sludge collection, developed in consultation with environmental organisations, has been successfully trialled with a leading global aquaculture company and collect up to 70% of the sludge from open pens.

Framo pump technology is the very heart of the systems

Pumps are the very heart of all Framo products. Therefore, we have developed unique pumping systems for fish farming that can be used for water circulation, feed water, sludge treatment, etc. Pumps and generators are for submersible installations.

For Framo, it is critically important that all our products undergo full-scale testing, and this is equally true for our fish farming pumping systems. This means you can be confident that your installation will deliver reliable performance from day one.

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AquaStream brochure

Read more about how Framo AquaStream provides healthier fish and faster growth.

AquaStream pumping system for open and semi closed pen

Closed & semi-closed in the sea

Framo Active Flow Control

Innovative products based on proven technologies.

Sustainable aquaculture

Natural innovation for healthier salmon.

Retrofitting existing cages

Framo pumping systems can close existing cages without building new fish farming plants.

Framo pumping solutions

The best fish deserve the best pumping solutions. See our products.

Explore in 3D

Explore Framo pumping solutions in 3D.

Framo test facilities

Framo has developed laboratories and full-scale trial standards, in addition to its own dock for system testing.

Framo innovation

Framo Innovation works to identify new markets for solutions based on Framo's submerged pump technology.

About Framo

Framo has been the recognized leader in pumping systems for the marine industry for more than half a century.

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