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The future of aquaculture will likely include both closed and semi-closed farms at sea as well as closed farms on land. Pumping incredibly large volumes of water is necessary for each one of these alternatives, and this is where we at Framo can support you.

Framo Innovation: where the future is born

Framo Innovation develops new solutions and markets for the pump technology. In our technology center, we have model testing for fish farming solutions.

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Framo means quality technology and quality support.

For more than 80 years, ships and offshore platforms around the world have trusted Framo pumping technology to meet their extreme demands for performance, reliability and safety. Framo has now brought this same dependable technology to the aquaculture industry. Additionally, Framo has developed comprehensive systems and routines for digital control and remote monitoring. This can help you ensure maximum uptime and security to safeguard the quality of your salmon farm. 

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Pump system for open cages

Closed & semi-closed in the sea

Sustainable aquaculture

Natural innovation for healthier salmon.

Retrofitting existing cages

Framo pumping systems can close existing cages without building new fish farming plants.

Framo pumping solutions

The best fish deserve the best pumping solutions. See our products.

Framo Active Flow Control

Explore in 3D

Explore Framo pumping solutions in 3D.

Framo test facilities

Framo has developed laboratories and full-scale trial standards, in addition to its own dock for system testing.

Framo innovation

Framo Innovation works to identify new markets for solutions based on Framo's submerged pump technology.

About Framo

Framo has been the recognized leader in pumping systems for the marine industry for more than half a century.

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