Cargo heating

Cargo heating

Framo deck-mounted cargo heaters eliminate the need for in-tank heating coils. With no coils, brackets or clamps, the cargo tank interior has a flush top that facilitates quicker stripping. Tank washing can also be performed more quickly with reduced water consumption and slop handling.

Cargo heating
•    Circulate the cargo through the deck mounted cargo heater
•    Adjust heating capacity to meet cargo requirements
•    Heat gently with careful temperature increase across the heater
•    High circulated cargo flow gives a good heat distribution inside the cargo tank

Design Features
•    Made for a tough marine environment
•    Stainless steel
•    Compact welded plate type design
•    Large heating surface
•    Low pressure drop
•    Vertical self draining
•    Easy to clean
•    Easy to inspect
•    Cargo heater is only exposed to cargo when in use


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