Framo with own TV studio

Digital solutions have rocketed during the pandemic. Framo Training Centre has its own TV studio to offer high quality online courses for our customers.

“We have seen that training courses make personnel able to operate the Framo System in a more efficient way, with safer operation, higher equipment availability and reduced operation and maintenance costs. However, it is not always possible to attend the courses offered at our training centers. This has often been the case in the last two years. Fortunately, we have experienced that with the setup we can offer online courses have become a full-fledged alternative“, says Training Manager Gaute Flatøy.

Framo Training Course facilitates safer and more efficient cargo handling, quicker turnover, and reduced maintenance and operation costs. When the pandemic put a stop to most travel activities, Framo's training team had to use alternative solutions in order to reach the customers.

The use of web-based platforms proved to be highly effective, and the training department has opted to continue with this. Hence, a modern TV studio was built for online courses. The Framo Online Training Centre includes a Studio floor with greenscreen, microphones, stage lighting and cameras, and a fully equipped production control room.

“The Framo online courses maintain the interactivity between instructor and trainees, plus it allows employees to attend remotely from home or any other location”.

So, wherever the Framo customers are, they can join the virtual classroom.

“The courses combine theory with hands-on practice. Our expert instructors provide an online learning experience that’s just like being in the classroom”, says Gaute Flatøy.   


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