Numbers matter

Numbers matter, but be sure to consider all of them

When the complete system cost is taken into account, a Framo caisson pumping system provides outstanding economy – from initial CAPEX to total lifecycle cost.

A pumping system is designed to function for up to 20 years. CAPEX is an important factor in selection, and Framo caisson pumping systems offer clear savings. But OPEX is equally important, because it accumulates year after year. Here we present a real-life example of a pumping system’s total cost using a recent FPSO conversion. To find out exactly how much you can save, contact us to discuss your particular project and its needs.

Step 1: Concept selection

Capacities for seawater lift pumps vary depending on production rates and temperatures. Normally,  the pumps are configured in N+1 units to ensure redundancy. In recent projects, the 100% design capacities have been as high as 15 000 m³/h.

This creates big challenges when considering a pump room installation: large sea chests on each side of the vessel, 52” suction manifolds, 52” closing valves and suction strainers with isolation valves before the pumps, followed by filters and a discharge manifold to route water to coolers up to 300 m away.



Step 2: CAPEX

In a recent project, the client made a comparison between a pump room system and a Framo caisson pumping system. Although the price of the submerged pumps was 85% more than that of the dry-mounted pumps, the total cost of the caisson solution was 50% lower.



Step 3: OPEX

A longer distance between pump and consumer means higher friction losses. In addition, it places a larger number of critical valves and manually maintained strainers below sea level. When higher HVAC costs and other factors are also considered, the expected maintenance and operational costs are substantially higher.



Step 4: Total lifecycle cost over 20 years

Total lifecycle cost depends on many factors. Nonetheless, a Framo caisson pumping system ensures major savings in any seawater lift or fire water pumping application.



Investment can be postponed

Pumps can be installed up to a year later in the building or conversion process with a Framo caisson pumping system.

This leaves more time for process adjustment and creates savings through deferred procurement.



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