Floating offshore production

Meeting tough challenges in floating production

Framo pumping systems have served the FPSO market for nearly 30 years. With submerged pumps installed in caissons, they eliminate both pump rooms and the risk of flooding, which means easier maintenance and considerable cost savings.

Pumping systems that go further

As one of the industry’s leading pumping system suppliers, Framo has decades of experience delivering to a wide range of floating installations. FPSOs began using Framo hydraulic and electric submersible pumps in the early 1990s, and the idea of replacing pump rooms with caissons has gained traction ever since.

Producing hydrocarbons offshore is a tremendous challenge, especially as the work moves into deeper waters, harsher environments and more remote locations. In the case of floating facilities, it poses extreme demands that only the most robust and reliable pumping equipment can meet. Whether used on FPSOs or FSOs, or on semi-submersible drilling or production units, pumps must be engineered to the highest standards.

This is why Framo pumping systems are designed, manufactured and tested for unfailing performance. No matter what the pumping challenge, they can be counted on to start as demanded – and to operate continuously in the toughest conditions.

Statoil - Heidrund TLP

Framo scope of delivery; Water injection pumps, seawater lift pumps and ballast/deballast pumps.

Shell - FPSO Esperito Santo

Framo scope of delivery; Seawater lift pumps.

GDF Suez - Gjøa FPU

Framo scope of delivery: Fire water and seawater lift pumps.

Total - Pazflor FPSO

Framo scope of delivery: Fire water and seawater lift pumps.

Petrobras- P52 FPU

Framo scope of delivery: Fire water pump.


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