The Framo advantage

Rethink simplicity

rethink simplicity

As technology develops, old truths give way to new and smarter possibilities: to avoid hull penetrations, to eliminate stress-prone line shafts, to do away with pump rooms altogether.

At Framo, we see – and create – possibilities for the oil and gas industry. Our world-leading pump technology has already revolutionized marine cargo pumping. And today it’s driving greater short-term and long-term profitability in hundreds of oil and gas installations. Before you design, build or rebuild, rethink what you know about pumping. Keep reading to discover the Framo advantage.

Why it pays to think outside the pump room

Pumps are the heart of all oil and gas processes. But traditional pumps in a central pump room mean wasted space, added risk and increased operating costs.

Framo submersible pumps are different. Installed in caissons, which are either outside or integrated into the hull, they offer safe assurance of better business.

The pump that changes everything

Framo began with an idea, that a pump should be where the action is – not isolated in a pump room. Using a hydraulic drive or the unique electric Framo cable-free concept, individual pumps can be submerged right in the place where they do their job.

Money on the side

When the pumps are submerged, the entire pumping installation can be moved outside or integrated into the hull. Instead of a massive internal pump room and extensive piping, simple sidemounted caissons do the job with no hull penetrations.

This reduces risk, for example, by removing the possibility of uncontrolled flooding. But it also means lower total CAPEX and far lower OPEX.Framo advantage.

The shortest route to reliability

Not all caisson solutions are created equal. If caisson pumps are installed with the drive motor topside, the long rotating line shaft makes tension and vibrations inevitable. In Framo solutions, both the pump and its drive motor are submerged. This eliminates the long rotating line shaft, and with it, the strain that can lead to excessive maintenance and breakdowns.

Total peace of mind

The reliability of Framo pumps is only equalled by the reliability of Framo itself. Framo experts are available worldwide and 24/7, and service is dispatched within hours of a call. Without exception, our focus is keeping pumps – and oil and gas businesses – running smoothly.

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