Original spare parts

The right parts for optimal performance

When transporting cargo through tough, inhospitable environments, you can’t afford to cut corners. Only original spare parts, designed and tested by Framo, can ensure reliable performance from your cargo pumping systems.

Quality assurance

At Framo, quality control is paramount. Our Material Control Department inspects manufactured and reconditioned spare parts to verify that standards are in accordance with all relevant requirements. All of our spares are developed using carefully selected materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they have the correct qualities for the tasks they perform.

Because original Framo spare parts are specifically designed for Framo pumping systems, they are the surest way of maintaining optimal performance for your vessel’s equipment. Additionally, use of nonoriginal components may void the warranty of your Framo equipment.

Fast, worldwide availability

Our goal is to be your vessel’s “spare parts warehouse”. We offer over 8000 unique spare components that are designed, manufactured and tested at our facilities in Norway. Each of these is tracked in our database to make sure you can easily get the exact part you need, when you need it.

The most critical wear parts are readily available from Framo’s strategically placed global service centres. When necessary, we can ship other components directly from Norway within 24 hours of hearing from you. For critical cases in remote offshore locations, Framo service personnel can even fly out to deliver the part in person, to make sure it arrives and is properly installed as fast as possible.

Continuous dialogue

The experts at Framo service centres help your crew understand which spares are critical to stock on board, and which should be ordered as needed. To guarantee each part is stored under best conditions for the longest performance life, we work with you to make sure you only purchase the components you absolutely need.

As part of an ongoing conversation with our service team, we can also track and monitor turnover of wear parts on your vessel. If a certain part is being replaced too frequently, we work with you to identify and solve the problem. This way, you can be sure you get the longest – and most cost-effective – performance from your Framo equipment.


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