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Introducing MyPage

For over half a century, Framo's world-leading pumping technology has set the standard in the maritime industry. To enhance your Framo experience, we have launched “MyPage,” an online portal providing easy access to information relevant to your Framo-related equipment. Enrollment is ongoing, aiming to reach our entire marine fleet.

Key Features:

  • As-built documentation and manuals
  • A full overview of Framo-related activities onboard vessels
  • Training videos and FAQs
  • Operation tools and performance estimates
  • Inquiries for inspections and training
  • User-specific notifications

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Currently, only Framo Oil Monitoring and Inspection Programme (OMP) users have free access to MyPage. We are, however, committed to providing access to all Framo customers, regardless of their OMP membership.

To gain access to MyPage, simply click the button below.

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