Cofferdam purging

True insights into pump seal condition

All Framo cargo pumping systems feature a cofferdam that creates a protective area around the pump. The cofferdam is essential for segregating the pump’s hydraulic section of the cargo – and for seal monitoring as well. Purging it on a routine basis is a simple way to assess the condition of the seals and ensure your pump is operating as intended.

The purging process

The pump cofferdam is purged using pressurized air or nitrogen, which is then expelled through the exhaust pipe on deck. The content expelled from the exhaust pipe helps you to determine the condition of the pump’s seals. If water vapour, oil or other substances are present, it may indicate seal leakage.

Framo recommends purging the pump cofferdam shortly before and after every loading and discharge operation, as well as every two weeks when the ship is sailing. Our service personnel can train your crew in the proper procedures for purging and logging the results in one of our training courses.

Expert insights and advice

You can always submit data collected during your vessel’s purging operations to Framo for cost-free analysis. Our service technicians review the information and provide recommendations for actions that can be taken on board, service when necessary. They can also walk your crew through certain troubleshooting procedures, such as determining the location of the leakage or clearing a blocked cofferdam where possible.

A new digital system from Framo will automatically analyse the purging data received, providing faster response times and a reply for every submitted purging form. If the test results are within acceptable limits, your crew will receive a confirmation within minutes.


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