Cavern pumps

Deep advantages with Framo cavern pumps

Land-based cavern storage is another key application for Framo cable-free electric submersible pumps. Larger Framo cavern pumping systems handle the actual transfer of oil, while smaller systems are used for seepage water service at underground storage facilities.

caverne pump illustration

Safe installation

The Framo cable-free concept is as suitable for underground oil storage as it is for pumping at sea. With overpressure protecting both the power transmission system and the submerged electric motor, Framo cable-free electric submersible pumps can be safely installed within the hazardous zone.


Savings with a single pipe

Framo cavern pumping systems are designed with the endsuction
centrifugal pump at the end of a riser pipe with integral power transmission – as in seawater lift pumping systems – or suspended from the power transmission pipe. In either case, the caisson is used as the discharge pipe.

Discharging through the caisson instead of a separate pipe reduces weight, cost and the complexity of installing and maintaining the system. The lower part of the caisson is part of the pump delivery, as is a special suction adapter to segregate the suction and discharge sides of the system.

The same concept is used for high-capacity cooling water pumps in refinery installations.

Caverne pump

Cavern pumps top-side at Mongstad oil refinery in Norway




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