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With Framo’s unique cable-free concept, you get the market’s only seawater lift technology developed by a true specialist in marine pumping.

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Let Framo’s Offshore team explain the benefits you can expect when you choose Framo seawater lift pumps.

Five ways that Framo pumps stand out

The Framo SE seawater lift pump is an electric submersible pump engineered to provide the best possible reliability, maintainability and availability. Its unique design incorporates solutions to common challenges faced by conventional submersible pumps:

  • Fully integrated pump motor unit with short stiff shaft eliminates vibration issues
  • Cable-free design means no risk for cable failure or damage, as well as no cable handling during installation or the withdrawal of the pump
  • End suction design always gives you the best possible NPSHa
  • No flexible coupling ensures you never have alignment issues
  • Easy installation and handling thanks to a compact, low-weight and cable-free design

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We don’t just promise performance.We guarantee it!

All Framo pumping systems come with our 24/7 online service Framo Insights. Together with a Framo Performance contract, it ensures you get guaranteed performance for your pumps.

Framo insights provide valuable feedback to your operators, support, and management. By combining Framo's extensive experience with your team's know-how, you can count on the best possible availability and reliability for your Framo pumping system.

  • Framo Insights monitors your pumping system 24/7, providing instant information and regular operations feedback to optimize your performance and reliability
  • System performance predictions, notifications of anomalies, and early warnings make it easy for you to plan maintenance and enable low/unmanned operation
  • Optimized user experience, with the alignment of work processes between you and Framo to reduce waste
  • 2-year free service, with an option to roll over to a Framo Performance contract, your next-generation service agreement

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Area sales manager Offshore 
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Eirik Solhaug
Area sales manager Offshore 
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Case Story

Framo's submerged electric seawater lifting pumps on the Al Shaheen field in Qatar have been pumping non-stop for 13 years.

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