Practical instruction for dependable performance

Framo offers in-depth training to help you safeguard the operation of your pumping system for efficient and cost-effective performance. Our courses provide your crew with critical skills for maintaining pumps and resolving issues on board. This is a good investment that leads to safer operation, higher equipment availability and reduced costs for operation.

See dates for the Framo standard training seminars below!

Training to fit your operation

Framo training courses, which are offered regulary throughout the year, put the best of our knowledge to your benefit. The courses combine theory with hands-on practice, using the equipment on board your vessel or identical equipment at one of our global service centres.

Framo training options include:

The standard seminar – A three-day course for your whole crew covering basic pump theory, operation, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting as sea.

Framo Seminar for superintendents – A three-day course for superintendents and other technical operators of ships with Framo equipment, which includes additional topics such as annual and pre-docking inspections and the evaluation of used spare parts.

Tailor-made training courses – Dedicated courses based on your specific systems and the needs of your crew, designed around information you provide to Framo.

Onboard training – Training specific to your equipment, which can be arranged when your vessel is docked at a shipyard or when sailing between ports. Typically 3 to 5 days, these courses include a pre-docking inspection and a technical report that is issued along with a hydraulic oil sample analysis report.

Following all three-day courses with hands-on training, we issue Framo Training Certificates that are valid for five years from the date of issue. These certificates have proven very useful for vessels and crew in proving their Framo experience, both for vessel qualifications and vetting inspections.

Framo training courses are held regularly throughout the year in a variety of locations around the world.

The Framo standard training seminar 2019:


8 - 10 January

3 - 5 September
19 - 21 November


15 - 17 January          

20 - 22 August


5 - 7 March

15 - 17 October


12 - 14 March

5 - 7 November


9 - 11 April

10 - 12 September


2 - 3 October



17 - 18 October



22 - 24 January


*) The seminars in Shanghai are intended for customers based in China. 
**)The seminars in Athens are intended for customers based in Greece. 
***)The seminar in Tokyo is intended for customers based in Japan. 
****)The seminar in Busan is intended for customers based in Korea.

The Framo training seminar for superintendents 2019:

As the demand for superintendent seminars is typically high, extra seminars can be arranged upon request.


5 - 7 February


22 - 24 October


19 - 21 February,      

18 - 20 June and      

12 - 14 November


5 - 7 March



Standard training rates

Three-day standard seminar
– NOK 10 500 per participant

Three-day seminar for superintendents
– NOK 10 500 per participant

Tailor-made training courses
– One day: NOK 7 200 per participant
– Two days: NOK 9 500 per participant
– Three days: NOK 10 500 per participant
– Five days: NOK 13 200 per participant

On-site training at shipyard or office
– NOK 10 800 NOK per day

This price includes one instructor and all training materials. Travel days to and from the location will be included in the final cost. Travel, board and lodging for instructors will be charged at cost.

Training on board a vessel or offshore platform
– NOK 10 800 per day

This price includes one instructor and all training materials. Onboard trainings are available for 3-5 days, and travel days to and from the location will be included in the final cost. Travel, board and lodging for instructors will be charged at cost.


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