Seawater lift pumps

Seawater lift is critical to offshore applications, from cooling to ballasting to firefighting. But it also claims a great deal of space – and involves considerable risk. With Framo cable-free electric submersible pumps installed in caissons, it can be handled outside the hull, which frees up valuable space and eliminates hazardous hull penetrations.

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Submerged Turbine

By installing a submerged turbine in the overboard dump line, the residual pressure and static head can be used to generate electric power to regain unexploited energy.  Consequently, it reduces gas consumption for power generation, reduces carbon footprint, and potentially increases gas export. 

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Fire water pumps

Preventing the spread of fire is critical for any oil or gas installation. Framo fire water pumping systems are the most responsive and reliable firefighting solutions available, trusted for four decades.

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FLNG cooling/FSRU heating

On FLNGs and FSRUs, temperature control is a critical but space-consuming application. Framo FLNG cooling systems and FSRU heating systems combine open and closed loops, which allows both parts to be optimized and streamlined.

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Diesel power generators

A reliable and robust emergency power system is vital for any offshore unit. Framo skid-mounted or containerized diesel generator systems provide valuable security, ensuring that emergency and essential power is available at all times.

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Water injection pumps

Extracting more oil from the reservoirs is a challenge for all operators. A Framo water injection pumping system is a reliable, compact and cost-effective tool for maintaining reservoir pressure and achieving more profitable production.

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Cavern pumping

Land-based cavern storage is another key application for Framo cable-free electric submersible pumps. Larger Framo cavern pumping systems handle the actual transfer of oil, while smaller systems are used for seepage water service at underground storage facilities.

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