Hydraulic drive

Hydraulic drive

A complete system designed and manufactured by Framo. Hydraulic drive provides the most flexible and safe power transmission for a cargo pumping system on tankers.

Hydraulic power unit

The hydraulic power pack prime movers can be electric motors or diesel engines.

A combination of electric motor and diesel engine prime movers allows the ship’s generators to be designed for the relatively low power requirement in sea-going mode rather than the considerably higher requirement during cargo unloading. The ship’s auxiliary engines can therefore operate with an economic load while at sea where the majority of running hours will be. The diesel hydraulic power packs will provide any additional power needed for a high capacity/high head cargo discharge.

All power packs, stainless steel system tank, oil cooler, and full flow filter are mounted, piped and wired on a module for resilient installation onboard.

This Hydraulic power unit is full scale tested together with the control system module before shipment.

The hydraulic pumps are of the variable displacement type and fitted with a pulsation damper for maximum reductions in pulses and noise.

A power saving device incorporated into the Framo control system automatically regulate and share the load between each power pack in operation.


The hydraulic power unit and all cargo pumps and other consumers are operated and monitored from the Framo control panel.

The control system can be interfaced with ships Integrated Control System.

Hydraulic power units.


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