Offshore services

Ensuring uptime in offshore operations

Your oil and gas operation is dependent on your pumping system performing as expected at all times. That’s why the Framo Service team has a guiding principle: downtime is unacceptable. Framo engineers are available 24/7, whether for advice or immediate dispatch to any location worldwide. If a problem arises, their priority is fixing it – and anything else can wait.

Even more important than fixing problems is making sure they don’t arise. Framo offers services that safeguard availability, so that you can have full peace of mind when it comes to your Framo pumping systems.


Phone: +47 55 99 92 00


After Office Hours: +47 90 99 00 06

Oil and gas service

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Framo Life Extension Services

Extend the life of your Framo equipment

Experience seamless upgrades and enduring performance that maximize your investment. 

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Service and support

Framo’s dedicated service company offers a full range of services as well as spare part production and distribution for all Framo products.

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Experience and expertise

Framo has experience and expertise in servicing including everything from marine gearboxes to high-pressure water injection pump systems.

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Proactive services

Framo focuses on training, inspection and integrated operations to reduce maintenance cost and increase the reliability of our pump systems.

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