Oil monitoring and inspection programme

Expert analysis for better performance

While our pumps are carefully designed and tested to ensure lifelong reliable operation, regularly scheduled service is critical to getting the most from your pumping system. The Framo oil monitoring and inspection programme (OMP) is a condition-based maintenance system that improves performance while reducing your lifetime cost of ownership.

The most cost-effective pump maintenance

With OMP, Framo service experts provide quarterly analysis of hydraulic oil samples in order to diagnose the condition of your pumps. When combined with annual onboard inspections from a Framo service engineer, you gain critical insights into the true operation of your cargo pumping equipment.

Monitoring the condition of your vessel’s pumping systems in this way allows you to address potential issues before they cause downtime or require major costly repairs. It also helps you optimize your pumps’ performance to reduce maintenance needs and spare parts consumption, meaning significant savings over the total lifetime of your equipment.

Programme scope

Our service team will teach your crew how to properly collect hydraulic oil samples from your equipment, which you will then send to our laboratories for particle counting and water content testing three times per year. The fourth sample will be collected on board by a skilled Framo service engineer during an annual visual inspection into the overall condition of your systems. For years when your vessel is due for docking, a more thorough pre-docking inspection takes the place of the standard annual inspection.


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