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Submerged pumping systems are the very heart of critical marine operations, thoroughly integrated throughout your vessel, which means there's no time for them to fail. The performance of your pumps therefore impacts the overall performance of your ship and, indeed, your entire operation.That's why Framo backs the world's best pumping system with a service organization like no other.

To get the most from your vessel, regular maintenance of your Framo pumping systems is essential. Our comprehensive service portfolio gives you access to all the expertise you need to keep your systems running in optimal condition.


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Framo service expertise

When it comes to keeping your pumps operating in peak condition, no job is too big or too small for the Framo service team.

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Original spare parts

Only original spare parts, designed and tested by Framo, can ensure reliable performance from your cargo pumping systems.

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Oil monitoring and inspection programme

The Framo oil monitoring and inspection programme (OMP) is a condition-based maintenance system that improves performance of your cargo pumping systems while reducing their lifetime cost of ownership.

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Framo MyPage

For over half a century, Framo's world-leading pumping technology has set the standard in the maritime industry. To enhance your Framo experience, we have launched “MyPage,” an online portal providing easy access to information relevant to your Framo-related equipment. Enrollment is ongoing, aiming to reach our entire marine fleet.

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Cofferdam purging

All Framo cargo pumping systems feature a cofferdam that creates a protective area around the pump. Purging it on a routine basis is a simple way to assess the condition of the seals and ensure your pump is operating as intended.

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Parts reconditioning

Framo offers parts reconditioning to extend the lifetime of pumping system components, saving you money on spares and replacements, while still ensuring optimal performance from your pumps.

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