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Framo diesel generator systems keep production underway

A reliable and robust emergency power system is vital for any offshore unit. Framo skid-mounted or containerized diesel generator systems provide valuable security, ensuring that emergency and essential power is available at all times.

power generators

Power to count on

Able to operate independently or in parallel with other generators, Framo diesel generator systems offer reliable access to essential or emergency electrical power. Designed for fail-safe start-up, even during a cold-start sequence, they can operate continuously at rated power for a specified period of time.

The systems comprise a generator that is directly driven by a diesel engine, which can be started pneumatically, hydraulically or by means of an electric battery. The generator set is either seawater cooled with separate freshwater cooling circuits for engine and alternator, or air cooled by means of integral or external radiators.

Containerized simplicity

In most cases, Framo diesel generator systems are arranged as containerized units that include all necessary auxiliary systems. The fire-rated enclosure has a general layout that ensures easy maintenance, as well as lifting beams and removable panels to allow dismantling of the generator or diesel engine.

The enclosure is equipped with an inlet for the diesel engine’s combustion air, as well as a drylagged or water-cooled exhaust system. It can be connected to the platform or vessel HVAC system via the ventilation inlet flange, or delivered with its own independent HVAC system including fans and heater.


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