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For both offshore platforms and the increasing number of offshore wind turbines, well-secured suction anchors are a key to success. Framo offers effective solutions for installing them in both shallow and deep water.

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Fast, cost-effective, reliable and environmentally friendly foundations for the offshore wind industry. A proven solution with a 30 year track record in offshore applications.

Framo supplies marine pumping systems to offshore wind farm

World-leading pump manufacturer Framo will supply Framo pumping systems for foundations of Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm project.

It is the second order for pumping systems in this application and marks an important milestone as it applies the company’s extensive experience from the offshore industry to renewable energy applications.

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Suction anchor installation

Effective solutions for installation in both shallow and deep water.

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The Framo suction bucket jacket foundation is a fully integrated system that includes all necessary components.


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The recognized leader in pumping systems for the marine industry for more than half a century.

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