Suction bucket    technical information

Product scope

The Framo suction bucket jacket foundation is delivered as a fully integrated system that includes all necessary components, including:

•    Framo Launch and Recovery System (LARS)
•    Trunk interface 
•    Power distribution
•    Pump skid with fully integrated instrumentation package for measuring critical parameters

The instrumentation package comes with software for monitoring, and it includes a range of display options and real-time plotting facilities that can be user-defined. A range of derived parameters can be calculated in real-time by the bucket monitoring. Parameters include:

•    Inside and outside penetration depth
•    Soil heave and bottom clearance
•    Pumped water flow and leakage monitoring
•    Tilt
•    Total and differential pressure in bucket



Specifications and functionality details: 

  • Flow capacity: 600-1000 m3 /h
  • Pressure capacity: up to 8 bar
  • Ventilation capacity: High; 32” non-restricted ventilation
  • Full electrical redundancy on pump skid
  • Operate close to cavitation pressure
  • Reversed pump flow function for cycling
  • Manpower requirements: Low; Framo Launch and Recovery System (LARS) enables control of pump skid by just one operator
  • Framo interface enables easy offshore installation as well as total closure/isolation of a single suction anchor bucket

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