The Framo advantage

Framo pump technology holds incredible potential for the oil and gas industry – where leading installations are already profiting from its simplicity, safety and cost effectiveness.

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Numbers matter

When the complete system cost is taken into account, a Framo caisson pumping system provides outstanding economy – from initial CAPEX to total lifecycle cost.

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Floating offshore production

Framo pumping systems have served the FPSO market for nearly 30 years. With submerged pumps installed in caissons, they eliminate both pump rooms and the risk of flooding, which means easier maintenance and considerable cost savings.

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Fixed offshore production

On an offshore platform, installed in a harsh environment far from land, pump reliability is top priority. Framo pumping systems provide the peace of mind offshore platforms are looking for, along with considerable benefits in terms of space and weight.

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Land based production

Framo pumping systems are most prevalent in marine and offshore applications, but our technology can be found on land as well. At coastal facilities for oil and gas production, our seawater lift pumpsfire water pumps and power generators solutions also come into play.

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Land based storage

Underground storage of crude oil, natural gas and oil products is an increasingly attractive means of securing an energy supply. Having delivered submersible pumps to cavern applications since the 1970s, Framo can provide a hydraulic or electric pumping concept for any storage.

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