Framo test facilities

For Framo, it is critically important that all of our products undergo full-scale testing, and this is equally true for our aquaculture pumping systems. This means you can be confident that your installation will deliver reliable performance from day one. 

Framo Innovation Centre

The technology center enable Framo to model, simulate and try out new ideas and technologies. With access to simulation systems, modelling tools, test tanks, 3D printers, and electronics and mechanical labs, the Framo Innovation team can test how proof-of-concept prototypes will work.

Framo dock for full scale testing

Full scale testing of prototypes and equipment in the Framo dock at Fusa.

Simulation systems and modelling

Framo Innovation has all necessary programs for simualtions and modelling. The test results obtained here will inform future planning and design of full-scale solutions.

Framo Holodeck

At Framo's headquarter you can take a virtual walk in our "Framo Holodeck" to explore the Framo pumping solutions in aquaculture.



Framo test facilities:

  • Framo Innovation Centre
  • Test dock
  • 3D printing
  • Electro lab
  • Framo Holodeck