Framo Training Courses 2023

Make personnel able to operate the Framo System in a more efficient way, with safer operation, higher equipment availability and reduced operation and maintenance costs.

Customized training for your operations

Framo training provides your team with correct skills for maintaining Framo cargo pumping systems. This results in reduced mainenance and effective operation performance.

Framo Training Courses

A good investment

Framo offers in-depth training to help you safeguard the operation of your pumping system.

Framo Online Training Course

From our customized Framo studio we can provide online courses covering basic pump theory and hands-on operations.

Dates and rates

Framo Training - a good investment. Check out dates and rates for Framo Training Courses.

Framo Standard Training Seminar

A three-day course for your whole crew covering basic pump theory and hands-on operations.

Framo Seminar for Superintendents

A three-day course for superintendents and other technical operators of Framo-equipped ships.

Onboard training

Training specific to your equipment, which can be arranged at your vessel.

Tailor-made training courses

Dedicated courses based on your specific systems and the needs of your crew.

Framo Training Department

Our instructors are highly knowledgeable professionals that have real-world experience.

Training Certificate

For all 3 day courses with hands-on training we will issue a Framo Training Certificate.

Framo service bulletins

The periodic service bulletins contain technical updates as well as operator tips for better utilization.