Framo Seminar for Superintendents

A 3-days Seminar especially intended for Superintendents and other technical operators of the Framo-equipped ships, which includes additional topics such as annual and pre-docking inspections and the evaluation of used spare parts.

The following subjects will be covered:
• Technical build-up of the hydraulic systems and cargo pumps.
• Preventive maintenance
• Annual inspection
• Pre-docking inspection
• Hands-on training
• Evaluation of used spare parts
• Spare part stock on board
• Trouble shooting and repair work.
• Correct operation during loading, discharging, stripping and tank cleaning..

Dates for Framo standard training seminar 2021

As the demand for superintendent seminars is typically high, extra seminars can be arranged upon request. 

The Framo three-day seminar:

  • Standard training rates: NOK 11 100 per participant
  • Contact: + 47 55 99 92 00 /
  • Includes: Three-day course for your whole crew covering basic pump theory, operation, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting as sea.


Training Certificate

  • For all three day courses with hands-on training, i.e. at our training centres world wide, in Athens and on board/ at yard, we will issue a Framo Training Certificate, valid for five years.
  • Training Diploma is issued to all participants at all training courses.
  • Framo Training Certificates have proven very useful for vessels and crew for proving Framo Experience both for vessel qualifications and vetting inspections.