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Think outside the pump room

Framo's hydraulically-driven cargo pumps are the perfect solution for Aframax tankers, providing reliable and versatile pumping capabilities while freeing up valuable cargo space. 

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A greener alternative for Aframax

Framo cargo pumping system offers savings and operational advantages:

  • Save up to 80% of fuel (40 metric tons) for every cargo discharge.
  • Save up to 60 metric tons of fuel per voyage.
  • Improve ECO profile and prepare for future environmental regulations with existing, well-proven technology.
  • Increase cargo carrying volume by 2%, by deleting the cargo pump room.
  • Quicker turnaround time in port, with faster discharge operation.

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Well proven technology for a low emission future

Upgrade your Aframax tanker's cargo discharge system with Framo submerged cargo pumping system to stay ahead in the highly competitive shipping industry. Meet new and changing demands for higher fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and lower shore power consumption while complying with stricter environmental regulations.

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All about our solutions

Technical Description

Technical Description

Framo hydraulic driven submerged cargo pumps provide safe, efficient, and flexible cargo handling of any type of liquid cargo

8 Reasons to Choose Framo

8 Reasons to Choose Framo

Fuel efficiency, optimized discharge, increased storage, environmental responsibility, simplified maintenance, cargo flexibility, and more.

Explore in 3D

Explore in 3D

Explore Framo pumping systems.

Fuel and CO2 Savings

Fuel and CO2 Savings

Discover the fuel savings potential and environmental impact of Framo's cargo pumping system.

Framo Services: 24/7 support

Framo Services: 24/7 support

We provide 24/7 worldwide service and cost-free troubleshooting.

About Framo

About Framo

Since 1938, Framo's unique pumping technology has earned the trust of our customers, a testament to their confidence in us.

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