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Framo pumping systems are most prevalent in marine and offshore applications, but our technology can be found on land as well. At coastal facilities for oil and gas production, our seawater lift pumps, fire water pumps and power generators solutions also come into play.

Proven strengths in new areas

Traditionally, onshore facilities have used line shaft pumps to supply water for cooling or firefighting. Usually installed on the quay or in the water intake pit, they typically comprise a top-mounted vertical motor that drives a 10–15 m pump shaft with impeller.

Nonetheless, a growing number of companies have seen that the Framo advantage can apply on land. Submersible pumps with short stiff shafts provide cost-saving reliability, in onshore applications as well as offshore.

Our first onshore deliveries were in the early 1980s, when we supplied fire water pumping systems for the Stavanger area of Norway and the west coast of Sweden. Recent customers include prominent gas terminals, as well as the Technology Centre Mongstad, a joint venture between the Norwegian state, Statoil and Shell and Sasol. The latter site is the world’s largest testing facility for CO2 capture conditions.

Statoil - Melkøya Gas terminal

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Framo scope of delivery: Fire water pumps.

Statoil, Shell, Sasol - Technology Center Mongstad

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Framo scope of delivery: Sea water lift pumps.



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