Electric fire water pumping systems

Framo electric fire water pumps for high capacity demands

Framo electric fire water pumping systems are the preferred solution when higher pumping capacities are needed, or when the generator package is located too far from the fire water pump.


Reliable and flexible

Optimized for maximum reliability and safety, Framo electric fire water pumping systems have proven very robust in operation. They can be used when the capacity per unit exceeds the limitations of a hydraulic solution, or when the diesel generator must be placed a long distance away from the fire water pump. A diesel-electric alternative offers greater flexibility in equipment layout and the placement of the diesel generator set.

Soft pump starts

In Framo electric fire water pumping systems, the diesel generator supplies power to a cable-free electric submersible pump. Depending on the pressure required, the submersible pump can be designed with one or two stages. The pump is block-coupled to the generator with delayed generator magnetization, which gives it a soft start load.

Compact, containerized power


The generator package is a complete containerized unit. It includes a fuel tank, starting system and ancillaries, installed on a single skid in accordance with NFPA20 and industry standards for fire water systems. Having all components in a single, fire-rated enclosure offers technical advantages that lead to savings. Optimized in size and weight, the module is simple to install on deck and designed for ease of maintenance. Internal lifting beams and removable panels allow the diesel engine and generator to be removed if required.



  • Block-coupled start-up
  • Submerged pump with end-suction design and one or two stages
  • Continuous condition monitoring of the submerged pump
  • Compact, low-weight system
  • High equipment layout flexibility


Available options


  • Electric or hydraulic pneumatic start system in accordance with NFPA 20
  • Diesel fuel oil system for 12, 18 or 24 hours
  • Several options for combustion air and exhaust gas systems, including water-cooled exhaust
  • Electric or hydraulic pneumatic
  • Optional minimum flow and/or test facilities
  • Local PLC-based control panels in communication with fire and gas system
  • Electrical distribution panel with optional cabinet for hazardous areas
  • Fire and gas detection within container
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • AFFF system including tanks, pumps and control

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